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LM Scheler
LM Ralf Scheler
In the past

In german: Eine Aufstellung der Bürgermeister von 1945 bis heute, sowie drei bedeutende Bürgermeister früherer Jahre finden Sie auf einer Sonderseite.

Eilenburg's Lord Mayor

Ralf Scheler has been the municipal leader of the district town of Eilenburg since August 1st, 2015.

LM Ralf Scheler is simultaneously chairperson of the Eilenburger Domestic Construction and Management Association 'shareholders' committee, chairperson of both the Board of Directors and general assembly for Eilenburg's Public Utilities, member of the "Mittlere Mulde" Sewage and Water Board, member of the Eilenburg-Wurzen Public Infrastructure Association and member of the REMONDIS Eilenburg GmbH general assembly.


An honourary deputy is in place to assume the Lord Mayor's role and duties in case of absence. City council has voted into this position

as first deputy: Hans Poltersdorf (CDU) – Vertretung niedergelegt per 16.06.2015
as second: Jürgen Prochnow (Die Linke)
as third: Torsten Pötzsch (SPD)
as fourth: Ellen Häußler (Freies Bündnis)

Duties and Functions

The Saxon Municipal Code states:

The Lord Mayor

  • is a second 'earpiece' for the municipality's citizens' concerns and issues, alongside City Council.
  • is voted into office for a term of 7 years (2015-2022) by the citizens of the municipality.
  • acts as chairperson of the City Council.
  • leads the city administration.
  • represents the city externally.