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The position of Eilenburg in Middle Germany
The position of Eilenburg in Middle Germany.

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Eilenburg and Tourism

The small city at the edge of the Dübener Heathland with a population of 17 000 lies just 25 km away from the trade fair metropolis of Leipzig. Yet this quaint and tranquil "green-hearted" municipality located on the banks of the river Mulde is worth a stop on your way through.

The  Eilenburg Zoo attracts 50 000 visitors each year. The city is a renowned Dübener Heathland magnet.  The manmade lake at the edge of the city could swallow the downtown area three times over. During the cooler winter months the indoor aquatic centre offers welcome relief. And even in summer the artificial ski jump is in operation to help the city's guests reach great heights.  
The Sorbenturm relates the city's thousand-year history.
The river Mulde is the only river left in Europe that is given free reign over its "activities", a unique characteristic indeed!  The Mulde shows its gratitude by offering the inimitably breath-taking Mulde Meadow Landscape, perfect for cycling and long walks.

Do you really want to let this chance pass you by?